Founded in 1981, Jamis Companies combines over 35 years of commercial real estate investment knowledge with a strong understanding of our client's business and individual needs. Our developer and investor clients rely on our investment expertise in order to identify market opportunities and to coordinate the determined strategy of the investment.


Jamis Companies provides a complete spectrum of commercial and residential real estate brokerage, development and investment services. This includes owner and tenant leasing, acquisition and sales, marketing, property management, consulting to owners, and site development. No other real estate company in Denver has the expertise to compare.


Our primary objective is to advise and secure smart real estate investment for long-term, safe, and lucrative returns.

Why choose Jamis Companies over other firms? 

·         Jamis Companies is unique from big real estate corporations because even large research departments can’t necessarily understand projects the way a broker who owns the building does.

·         Big companies are too big to pay attention to each property, and they usually want to sell as much as they can. The property ends up sitting on the market for long periods of time because they can’t give enough special attention to each individual property or owner. We provide quality over quantity.

·         When vacant ground is marketed and the buyer comes in, the lister needs a reliable real estate company to develop real estate effectively in order to be an asset to the buyer.

Founding and First Projects

In 1981, Jay Soneff founded Jamis Companies, Inc. as a brokerage specializing in the assembling, developing, and sale of Downtown Denver properties. Through the 80's, Jamis expanded to commercial development and management.


Jamis developed its first office building in a joint venture with Bernard Blecker, one of the largest property owners in downtown Denver, and Turnmar Development, one of the largest development companies in Colorado. The Market Park Office building was constructed in Lower Downtown at a cost of 13.9 million dollars. The building, located at 15th Street and Market Street, now serves as the headquarters to the illustrious Denver Chamber of Commerce. Jay takes immense pride in his ability to take faded properties and turn them into a boon for the community, and this deal is one of his greatest triumphs.


​In 1986, Jamis began acquiring distressed retail properties and redeveloping them into vibrant centers. This included over 200,000 square feet of retail and office space in the northwest metro area up until the Savings and Loan crisis of the late 1980's.


Jamis’s greatest accomplishments arose through acquisition, redevelopment, and construction of underutilized real estate.

Identifying Risks, Adapting, and Thriving

Jay recognized the great importance of understanding the construction field, and so he enrolled in The Daniels College of Business at Denver University. In 1989, he earned a Master’s in real estate and Construction Management.


Jamis Companies is adept at prospering in whichever market or economy it finds itself in. For example, due to the strenuous 1980's and the extreme risks in the real estate markets, Jamis shifted its focus to performing contract brokerage and development work for cities and Non-For-Profit organizations. Assisting others was the strategy used in order to beat the recession.


In the 1990's, Jamis brokered and joint ventured several major projects. The first project Jamis developed was the Alcohol Treatment Facility known as Denver C.A.R.E.S in the Golden Triangle. Jamis earned the opportunity as the finalist in a competitive request for proposal. Jamis’s development partners in the project was Hensel Phelps.


A second major development awarded to Jamis was the relocation and construction of a new headquarter facility for Denver Waste Water Management at Alameda Avenue and Interstate 25. Jamis assembled the land, procured the entitlements, and coordinated the development review process with architects and engineers.


Yet another incredible development was our project for Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Jamis redeveloped the CCH’s new headquarters in Downtown Denver and contracted with Michael Murphy Architects to redesign the building into a modern office space on a tight budget. Jamis did the construction management, and the project was completed in less than 6 months as a build-to-suit. The original purchase price was $400,000 with a renovation cost of about the same amount. Today’s improved value of the building would approach $4 million.


By 1998, Jamis had developed over 200,000 square feet of commercial centers and developed more than 20 acres of prime retail land for investment.


The last 10 years at Jamis Companies

The last 10 years at Jamis has been a process of evolving into a full-service real estate consulting firm with divisions of both commercial and residential investment real estate.


Jamis has a rapidly expanding property management division with properties under management of all property types. The absolute goal of the division is to maximize the value of the asset for the client through prudent oversight of expenses and collections.

The future of Jamis

No one in Colorado is better at what we do.

As Jamis Companies moves forward, we are excited about what is in store for us and for our client's future. Jamis Companies is proudly pursuing opportunities utilizing our combined knowledge and experiences to consult on small and large projects alike. This includes goals of attracting large institutional companies that need consulting services to assist with relocating, purchasing investment property, liquidation of a company's surplus property, or any other projects. Jamis Companies’ experience and background has not only prepared us to strategically solve complicated real estate issues, but also to work with each company in making smart real estate investment decisions.


With further development of the Commercial Investment, Residential Investment and Property Management divisions, Jamis Companies is further defining itself as a full service, multi-faceted agency—a one stop shop for our clients. Our goals as we move forward are continuing to provide quality personalized consultation and services, utilizing our industry contacts and experiences, and ensuring our clients have the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve their financial and real estate goals.


In the coming year, Jamis will launch its first series of investment funds that will concentrate on the acquisition and mid-term hold of low risk, income producing assets. This particular series of funds will be attractive to those with idle or low return cash investments seeking not only better returns, but also interesting portfolios.


A second series of funds will be directed towards "value added" properties which will be attractive to an investor seeking higher, but somewhat riskier returns. These funds will target properties needing repair, renovation, change of use, and eventual lease up and management.